Residential Solar

Solar energy is at the forefront of the movement towards America’s energy independence! Solar power systems generate the most electricity during “peak” hours when energy costs are at their highest. Using solar power makes your home more self-sufficient and lowers your electric bill.

Residential Solar Power for Louisiana Homeowners

Most homeowners remain on the electrical grid and use solar power to offset utility-provided electricity. This is called “Grid-Tied”. This can reduce your electricity bill dramatically, especially in Louisiana’s sunny climate! If you want to use solar power as backup when the electricity goes out, you will need to connect batteries to a backup system, which we can discuss during your Free Solar Assessment.

During peak sun hours if your grid-tied system is producing more electricity than is being consumed, the solar-generated power may be fed into the grid, causing your electric meter to run backwards. This is called ‘net metering‘. Net Metering lowers your electric bill even further because your utility company will credit your electric bill each month for the extra power generated by your system and fed back into the electrical grid!

There are many factors to consider when thinking about installing a solar power system for your home.

  • Location: Ideally, your solar panel system will receive direct sun most of the day. Shady areas can reduce the amount of electricity generated by your system but you will still save money on your utility bills and lower your carbon footprint. Our Solar experts will work with you to determine the ideal location for your new solar power system.
  • Roof Type: Solar panels can be installed most roof types, excluding metal roofs. The time-to-install varies by the amount of special handling required by your roof type. Installing on composite shingle is very quick where as installing on Spanish tile requires different mounting systems and may take longer. Solar panels produce the most energy when they are not shaded and face either south or west. If your roof is not ideally suited (shady or north-facing, for example) we have other options to mount your solar panels including free-standing or ground-mounted installations. Our Solar Experts will examine your roof and offer you the best options for installation of your solar panels.
  • Battery Backup: Standard solar systems are "grid-tied " and are not able to store your excess solar energy for use when there is an extended power outage such as after a hurricane. Your Solar Expert can discuss our battery backup options with you during your Free Solar Assessment.
  • Lease or Purchase: There are many considerations for both leasing and purchasing. Our Solar Expert will explain both options to you during your Free Solar assessment so you can decide which option is right for you.

Still have questions? Check our FAQ, give us a call: 1-855-425-4669 or send us an email – we have answers to all of your questions about solar power in Louisiana!